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Go Paperless

There is a growing trend to "go paperless," driven largely by environmental consciousness and the security of delivering confidential information electronically. This trend is helping electronic delivery (e-delivery) become the preferred method of accessing account information, forgoing paper for a more convenient, electronic alternative.

This trend, coupled with rising costs and expenses related to creating and mailing brokerage account statements and trade confirmations has made it necessary for Pershing LLC, the clearing firm of your accounts, to implement a fee for these paper communications when delivered via regular mail.

Effective January 1, 2012, Pershing began to charge a $1.00 fee for each account statement and each trade confirmation delivered in paper format.

By choosing e-delivery of brokerage account statements, trade confirmations and other account communications, you can take advantage of benefits such as:

  • Cost Savings – You can avoid this fee by enrolling for e-delivery of these communications.
  • Convenience and Flexibility – Access, download, print, and e-mail account communications at any time, from virtually any computer.
  • Centralized Recordkeeping – Reduce cluster at home and access your account communications in one convenient location.
  • Increased Security – Lessen the risk of identity theft by eliminating paper delivery of sensitive financial information.

To avoid these fees accessed by Pershing, enroll for e-delivery today.

  • If you have a NetXInvestor password, access your account and select the "go paperless" icon and follow the steps to sign up for e-delivery of statements and confirmations.
  • Otherwise, go to and select "register now". Then, follow the directions.

After you enroll for e-delivery, you will receive an e-mail notification whenever a new account communication is available to view online.

If you are experiencing trouble with your online access, you may call the Cetera online support system at 1-888-406-5444.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call your Founders Investment Services Registered Representative.